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Wedding Budget Tips from a former Bride turned Wedding Planner (Part I)

Although the term, “budget” is not everyone’s favorite topic, it must be addressed before being able to make any wedding planning decisions. I will break down this blog into several short blogs.

  1. Who’s paying?!?

First of all, what kind of budget are you working with? Who is paying? And for what? Are you paying for the wedding yourselves? Can anyone else chip in?

Talk with both families to get a more bigger picture. The more answers you know to these questions, THEN you can determine small vs. large wedding, date and time, small vs. tall table centerpieces, a buffet vs. plated meal, etc.

  1. Prioritize Top 3 Expenses: Decide and as important on your list of expenses. I would recommend, the band, photographer, and reception venue as the most important. People are always going to remember the food, entertainment, and overall ambiance, esp. if there’s a view! As for the pics, they last a lifetime and you can’t do a do-over on those precious moments. The least important would be RSVP cards since there are phone apps for that, and the cake since most people don’t eat cake. So don’t waste as much on a big cake that’ll just end up being thrown away. Instead opt for cupcakes or a dessert bar where people can help themselves to at least 1 sweet item they’ll like.

  1. Trim the Guest List:

Brides & grooms will basically have to sit down & collaborate…who would have thought, right? Lol As much as both sides will want to invite everyone they’ve ever known and their brother, to witness the both of you saying your, “I Do’s,” the trick is to ask the following questions of each of the guests you'd like to invite: a) Have you talked to this person in the last 2 years? Y / N b) If you were paying for the wedding yourselves, are they worth around $90per head for the reception? Y / N c) Will they contribute to the kind of ambiance you’re aspiring to achieve at your wedding? (I.e., Are they fun people who would always be out on the dance floor? Or are they prone to running a high bar tab?) Y/ N d) Would your wedding be incomplete without them? Y / N If they scored 3+ Y’s, they should be on the ‘A’ list. You’ll see how fast that list can dwindle and save you LOTS of money. Alternatively, you can create a ‘B’ list just in case any of your ‘A’ list people are unable to attend. It all comes down to…it’s YOUR wedding, not theirs. You can’t please ALL the people, ALL the time.

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