Wedding Budget Tips from a Former Bride turned Wedding Planner (Part II)

February 20, 2018

4. Saying Yes to the Dress


Instead of buying the latest wedding trend, choose to buy discontinued designer sample dresses from last season. They’re still designer dresses, but the bridal shops no longer have a need for them. Yet, they still want to make some profit. You can save 50-70% off retail price going this route! Better yet, you can buy it off the rack and not have to wait 6 mos. for a generic dress from the designer based on your measurements, where you’ll have to have it altered anyways. Instead, spend the money you just saved on the dress, towards the alterations.


*NOTE: Alterations are usually HALF the retail cost of the dress!

If that dress retails for $2400, anticipate the alterations to be around $1,200, which really makes the dress cost $3,600. Yikes!!! Keep this in mind, when shopping for your dress, ladies!


I was able to get a gorgeous Justin Alexander dress from a hidden gem of a boutique bridal shop that specializes in lace dresses. My Justin Alexander dress normally retailed for $1,200, but I got it for $600. Then I was able to pay for the $600 alterations. Score!!!


If you purchase my partial planning services, I would be more than happy to tell you my fave bridal shop for my budget-friendly brides.


5. Use Seasonal or Year-round Flowers & Re-purpose Them