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Wedding Budget Tips from a former Bride turned Wedding Planner (Part III)

6. Ceremony / Reception Signage

Instead of ordering 100+ ceremony programs, opt for one big ceremony signage, i.e., a large mirror or chalkboard with decals detailing the same info. you would normally have on a program.

Same goes for the reception timeline. Instead of buying individual schedules and leaving it at every place setting, place a big signage such as noted in the pic at the entrance of the room for all to see.

7. Opt for the Buffet Option at the Reception Venue

Adhere to this, esp. if you’re having a large wedding.

a.) Plated Option: $90pp x 100 people = $9,000 (NOT incl. alcohol or taxes!)

b.) Buffet Option: $75pp x 100 people = $7,500 (NOT incl. alcohol or taxes!)

That’s $1,500 savings if you go the buffet route!!!

Plus, by providing the buffet route:

  • There’s no need to inquire on the RSVP cards, whether they’d like chicken, beef, fish, or vegan, which saves you money on additional stationery expenses.

  • ALL the guests will be accommodated…your vegans, vegetarians, carnivores, and seafood lovers. Guests can pick & choose which entrees they’d like & how much of it on their plate.

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