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To Hire -or- Not to Hire a Wedding Coordinator? Why You Should Hire One!

You're near the finish line of your wedding planning. And the thought of having a day-of coordinator has crossed your mind, but either you simply don't have the money in your budget, or think you don't need one. Most brides make the costly mistake of not hiring a day-of coordinator. Don't be one of those brides!

Did you know most reception venues actually require you to have a day-of coordinator?!?

Examples of such wedding venues in San Diego County include: The Omni Hotel, The Scripps Birch Aquarium, Green Acre Campus Pointe , Green Acre Nautilus, the Flower Fields at Carlsbad, and the Darlington House, just to name a few. While other places do 'recommend, but don't require one.' It's imperative you know which boat you fall in and which services are actually included in your contract. That's my legal background speaking.

Although most reception venues have a "coordinator" in their title, their responsibilities are actually limited to the terms of their contract (which you signed), only covering the usual reception basics:

the food, alcohol, the number of tables, chairs, tableware/silverware, the standard ivory/white linens, a colored cloth napkin folded in the fashion you voted for, the gift/card table, the seating assignment table, and cake table with standard linens.

What's NOT included by a typical reception venue's coordinator?!? I'm glad you asked. :)

  1. Vendor management: The reception venue WON'T confirm date/time/location details with outside vendors, nor manage these outside vendors the day-of.

  2. Wedding day timeline creation. They'll only take care of the timeline for their venue, and NOT an all-inclusive entire day timeline that includes time-slots for makeup, hair, pre-ceremony photos, etc. Compared to if you had hired a day-of coordinator, who will not only take care of this, but also distribute this to all vendors & bridal party the week of.

  3. Decorate reception site to couple’s specifications.

  4. Set out personal decor items: guest book, seating assignment, name place cards, table number cards, card "box," favors, photos, cake cutting set, personalized cocktail napkins, signage (bar, cake, gift/card table tops), menus, etc.

  5. Grand Entrance Reception: Gather wedding party and organize before being introduced.

  6. Ensure reception runs as expected; transitions in and out of reception events smoothly & according to plan.

  7. Distribute gratuities and/or final payments to vendors, if needed.

  8. Collect personal decor items & give to assigned person.

Unless "setting out personal decor items" is specifically listed

in your venue contract,

the reception venue is NOT responsible for taking care of this.

A professional day-of coordinator's work actually starts 1-month in advance prior to your wedding date. You've worked so hard this far to have the wedding of your dreams, leave the rest, esp. your BIG DAY, to a professional who will ensure that you have the beautiful wedding you've always dreamt of. You deserve the enjoy your wedding day...but so do your relatives and close friends. Hire a day-of coordinator! It'll be the best investment you make for your wedding! Think you can't afford one?

I know someone who offers discounts to military, first responders, and teachers! Not to mention, monthly payment plans. ;)

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