Why Couples Should Read Their Vendor Contracts BEFORE Signing Them!

April 9, 2018


Since I’m a wedding planner with 11 years' corporate legal background, if there was one piece of advice I would tell my brides & grooms to do, it would be to R-E-A-D your contracts!


I know the thought of reading the fine print seems pretty daunting, but never sign anything until you know exactly what you’re signing. Never make assumptions.


Did you know...?

You, as the client, have the ability to barter & negotiate with each of your vendors

the details of your contract, such as what’s included and what’s not.

Most brides & grooms don’t know this.

Everyone just assumes, they “have to” sign a contract…which is NOT the case.


If you are a private couple and don’t want your pictures posted on every social platform out there,

ask specific vendors,