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Why Couples Should Read Their Vendor Contracts BEFORE Signing Them!

Since I’m a wedding planner with 11 years' corporate legal background, if there was one piece of advice I would tell my brides & grooms to do, it would be to R-E-A-D your contracts!

I know the thought of reading the fine print seems pretty daunting, but never sign anything until you know exactly what you’re signing. Never make assumptions.

Did you know...?

You, as the client, have the ability to barter & negotiate with each of your vendors

the details of your contract, such as what’s included and what’s not.

Most brides & grooms don’t know this.

Everyone just assumes, they “have to” sign a contract…which is NOT the case.

If you are a private couple and don’t want your pictures posted on every social platform out there,

ask specific vendors, specifically the photographer & videographer, to remove any statements allowing them to post your wedding pics/videos & instead insert a clause into your contracts noting the following verbiage or similar,

“No pictures/videography or any visual by-product of the wedding ceremony and/or reception will be posted on any of the social media platforms, including but not limited to

Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube, or their business websites, etc."

Any posting of such pics/videography would be a breach of your said contract and is open to legal action by the wedding couple. As a society, each of us has privacy rights.

Just because it appears that most of the population posts anything & everything online, doesn’t mean you don’t have a say in regard to your pics/video being posted without your permission.

Stand up for your rights to social media internet privacy.

If the photographer or videographer won’t include that clause, move onto one that will!

There’s so many wedding photographers & videographers out there that want your business.

Don't waste your time dealing with unprofessional vendors who don’t respect your privacy rights.

I’m here to lookout for my brides & grooms!

Can YOUR wedding planner or coordinator say the same thing?!?

Until next time, happy wedding planning, to all my timeless brides & grooms out there. :)


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