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Wedding Pic Sharing: Instagram vs. the Veri App

Event and wedding photo sharing on social media is all the rage nowadays. Most popular is Instagram, but the Veri app is quickly on the rise in popularity. What team are you on?

Team Instagram

With guests eager to share in your BIG DAY, many couples encourage guests to use a custom hashtag when posting on social media. So what are you waiting for?!? :)

To create a free Instagram #:

Don't be conned by other sites that you charge you for this!

By answering a few quick questions about yourself, your fiancé and your wedding date, you’re on your way to a cute or funny wedding hashtag as unique as your relationship. Once you’ve found your hashtag, share it on your wedding invitations and other reception details. Happy tagging!


1. Free

2. More guests will already be familiar with Instagram vs. Veri.

3. Who doesn't want to get a lot of LIKES by complete strangers of you in your dress that you said yes to, wearing the most make-up you ever will in your life, and your hair completely done?!? Exactly! lol We could all use a couple more followers, right? lol


1.You can't print the pics posted onto Instagram. :/ But then again, that's what your photographer is for.

2. Once it's on Instagram, it's always there for the general public to see. This is not private.

Team Veri

I're probably wondering either, "What is Veri???," or "How does Veri work?"

I'm so glad you wondered because until now, I was wondering the same thing. lol ;) Great minds do think alike.

Per the Veri website, created by the ever-popular wedding magazine, the Knot, there's only 4 steps involved.


Enter your wedding details and select your guests (in just 10 minutes!)


We intelligently ping your guests to download the Veri app (free for them!)


We let your guests know your wedding’s starting!

Guests use their normal iPhone or Android cameras to snap photos and videos. The wedding photo app shares everything automatically as soon as it’s taken.

When the wedding ends, sharing automatically stops. Plus, guests can turn photo sharing off anytime!


You now have every moment to view and download whenever you want. Guests will love it too!


1. If you want privacy, This is the way to go! The only other people that can see your pics/videos, are the other guests in attendance with the event code.

2. You can download & print as much of the pics as you desire!!! That's a huge plus in my book! :)

3. A private gallery for you and your guests will be available for up to 12 months from the purchase date.

4. If you would like to take them down from the Knot's servers, all you have to do is delete the event afterwards, and all of the photos and videos will be deleted everywhere.


1. A one-time set-up fee of $69 for the wedding event, which is due by the wedding couple.

2. Although everyone has the camera feature on their cell phone, not everyone knows how to take high quality artistic pics that can only be done by a true photographer and their assistant!

Recommendations from a Planner:

Given the above, if...and only IF, you have any money left in your budget, then I'd say to give the Veri app a try. Otherwise, I say stick with Instagram and/or your hired photographer, that you've already researched and spent thousands of dollars on for their top-notch photographic artistic skills. You can still download prints from the USB drive he/she provides you with! I've mentioned this in the past, and I'll mention it again...the photographer should be 1 of 2 top-priority vendors that you book first and spend most of your budget on. Your wedding day only happens once, there's no do-overs for capturing your 5-year old niece catching the garter during the garter toss, like at my wedding. lol

Hope this helps my gorgeous brides & grooms out there. Until next time, happy planning!


Ginger's Weddings

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